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Research Scientist Full-Time

As a Research Scientist at Court Easy AI, you will be at the forefront of innovation, taking on the most complex knowledge work challenges globally, including billion-dollar litigations and corporate transactions. You'll work with the most sensitive data from the world's largest companies, pushing the boundaries of AI research, and solving unsolved product, architectural, and business problems. Join us in automating the legal industry, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, and driving societal impact.

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and enhance our AI systems, encompassing tasks such as fine-tuning large language models and implementing novel search and QA algorithms.
  • Conduct research and evaluation of AI models, contributing to the advancement of our technology.
  • Utilize your expertise to scrape and index niche legal datasets, enhancing our data resources.
  • Collaborate on the development and evaluation of large interconnected systems of Large Language Models (LLMs).
  • Address challenging engineering constraints, including latency and costly model inference, to ensure efficient model deployment and functionality.

Job Requirements

  • A Ph.D. with compelling evidence of exceptional ML science and engineering proficiency.
  • A track record of publications in leading AI conferences or interdisciplinary journals, showcasing your research contributions.
  • Previous experience at renowned research laboratories, demonstrating your commitment to excellence.
  • Experience in complex and high-stakes ML domains, such as self-driving cars, search, ads, or quant finance, highlighting your expertise in solving intricate problems.
  • While not mandatory, prior experience with Large Language Models (LLMs) is a plus, but not required for this role.


  • Job Title: Research Scientist
  • Location: Nagpur, San Francisco, Remote
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